The Hill Predicts DeSantis Will Beat Trump In Primary

 January 3, 2023

The Hill is one of the most respected political publications out there. When they publish an opinion or prediction, you can bet that they've done their due research in order to make sure it's true.

That's why their prediction that Ron DeSantis will beat Donald Trump for the 2024 presidential nomination is such big news for fans of both men.

The publication attributes DeSantis' recent surge to his "his embrace of culture war issues and his opposition to COVID-19–related lockdowns."

Trump isn't far behind of DeSantis though, and would have been their pick just a short time ago, with the outlet noting:

Trump would have been the runaway favorite had these rankings been drawn up the day before the midterm elections. Since then, virtually everything the president has touched has turned bad.

It has been a rough stretch for Trump since then.

He publicly insulted Ron DeSantis. He privately insulted his own wife. He dined with at least one white nationalist.

Remember though, this is the man America left for dead in 2016 as well.