Gutfeld of 'The Five' says 'GOP shot themselves in the head' with speaker ouster

October 5, 2023

Co-host of The Five Greg Gutfeld said on Tuesday that the GOP majorly sabotaged itself by ousting Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) after he made a deal to avert a government shutdown.

Gutfeld said, “It’s kind of sad because nobody bothered to bring any clarity to this. If you can’t explain or persuade your point without putting people to sleep, you lose. These parties, we realize, are not mirror images. One wants to win, and the other doesn’t. They shot themselves in the foot and by ‘the foot’ I mean head.”

The host acknowledged that the Speaker broke promises that he made about how he would lead, but suggested that no one really remembered what they were, except for maybe Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) who brought the motion to oust him.

He continued, “He broke promises. I had to go find out what these promises were." He also said that McCarthy denied making some of the promises he supposedly broke.

"So, who’s telling the truth? I don’t know. I’m not sure that I care because I’m with Trump on this. I mean we’re talking about this instead of the border, instead of crime, instead of inflation,” he pointed out.

It really does seem like a dumb thing for Republicans to do when they are gaining the upper hand for 2024.