Texas Supreme Court pauses lower court’s ruling allowing woman to abort child with a fatal disease

 December 10, 2023

The Texas Supreme Court put a temporary block on a lower court ruling allowing a woman to abort a child who has been diagnosed with a chromosomal disorder that will result in stillbirth or early death.

That woman, Kate Cox, applied for a medical exception to Texas's abortion ban and was granted it before the Texas Supreme Court stepped in.

In Texas, most abortions are banned absent exceptional circumstances, and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton argued that Cox does not meet the requirements for a medical exception to the ban.

Paxton's team argued that "Future criminal and civil proceedings cannot restore the life that is lost if Plaintiffs or their agents proceed to perform and procure an abortion in violation of Texas law."

Now the case will be on pause until the Texas Supreme Court decides if they will review the case or let the lower court's ruling stand.

No doubt this has heavy implications for the state's abortion ban, and Americans will want to pay close attention to this case.