Texas sheriff says US is experiencing 'silent invasion' of military age men at border

By Jen Krausz on
 February 28, 2023

Kinney County, Texas Sheriff Brad Coe told The Centre Square this week that “we’re experiencing a silent invasion of military age men” at the border.

The men are wearing camouflage and carrying backpacks, video footage viewed by The Centre Square showed.

Some of the men are committing robberies and having shootouts with police, Coe said in describing what his staff has encountered at the border.

He said the men are joining up with gangs and cartel affiliates inside the U.S. and are acting as a "Trojan horse."

He blamed a significant part of the rise in crime in Houston, Dallas and San Antonion on the illegal immigrants of military age.

Coe made the comments during a meeting with other members of county law enforcement, whom he has asked to help his small county of 3,000 people deal with the inundation.