Texas governor invokes invasion clause to push back migrants crossing border

November 16, 2022

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) is no stranger to taking decisive action, and that's exactly what he just did.

The leader of the Lone Star State is invoking the "Invasion Clauses of the U.S. and Texas Constitutions" to combat against the state's record-setting influx of illegal immigrants.

Liberals in Washington just don't seem to understand just how much their terrible border policies impact ordinary Americans every day.

Our country can't handle thousands and thousands and thousands of immigrants flowing over the Mexican border. These immigrants settle in the border states that they reach first and place an insane strain on those communities.

They can't be relocated anywhere else because liberals call that human trafficking.

So, there's not much left to do for Greg Abbott other than to declare an emergency.

That's what he did.

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