Texas governor ignores lawsuit to protect southern border

 July 13, 2023

Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott is facing legal challenges but remains determined to protect the southern border by moving forward with the installation of a $1 million wall of floating buoys on the United States-Mexico border. Despite recently filed legal actions, Abbott's decision to proceed has sparked controversy and drawn attention to the ongoing debate surrounding immigration policies and border security.

Installation of Border Buoy Wall

The installation of the border buoy wall has attracted significant attention due to its unique approach to deterring unlawful crossings. The Texas Department of Public Safety shared a video showing construction workers in Eagle Pass, Texas, connecting a series of large floating red buoys along the riverbank, forming what the state has referred to as a "marine barrier." The installation process involves carefully placing the buoys on the riverbank before moving them into the water and aligning them one by one.

"The State of #Texas is taking historic action under Gov. [Abbott's] Operation Lone Star to secure the border. Installation of the marine barrier began today in #EaglePass. The marine barrier will deter unlawful crossings & human smuggling, & prevent the loss of life due to drownings. #MarineBarrier," Texas DPS spokesman Lt. Chris Olivarez tweeted.

The decision to implement this unique border security measure is part of Abbott's broader Operation Lone Star, aimed at strengthening border control and deterring illegal immigration. By installing the marine barrier, Abbott intends to create an additional layer of security to discourage immigrants from crossing in certain areas and redirect them to sections of the river where federal and state officials can apprehend them.

Legal Challenges and Governor Abbott's Response

Despite Governor Abbott's determination to proceed with the installation of the border buoy wall, legal challenges have emerged. Last week, Jesse Fuentes, the owner of Eagle Pass-based business Epi's Canoe & Kayak Team, filed a lawsuit against Abbott, expressing concerns about the impact on his business operations. Fuentes argued that the installation of the buoys would prevent him from conducting tours, canoeing, and kayaking sessions in Eagle Pass, resulting in imminent and irreparable harm.

"We will see you in court," Abbott responded defiantly on Twitter. "And don't think the Travis Co. Court will be the end of it. This is going to the Supreme Court. Texas has a constitutional right to secure our border."

Abbott's unwavering determination and confidence in defending his actions have set the stage for a legal battle that may eventually reach the highest court in the land. The outcome of this lawsuit could have significant implications for border security measures and immigration policies in Texas and potentially the entire nation.

Controversy and Public Debate

The installation of the border buoy wall and the ensuing legal challenges have sparked intense controversy and reignited the public debate surrounding immigration and border security. Supporters of Governor Abbott argue that these measures are necessary to protect national borders and ensure the safety of American citizens. They view the buoy wall as a creative and effective solution to discourage unlawful crossings and human smuggling.

On the other hand, critics of the buoy wall and Abbott's approach to border security contend that such measures are unnecessary and may have unintended consequences. They argue that resources should be allocated to addressing the root causes of migration and implementing comprehensive immigration reform rather than investing in physical barriers.

Implications for Immigration Policies

The ongoing controversy surrounding the installation of the border buoy wall and the legal challenges against Governor Abbott's actions highlight the larger issues at stake in the realm of immigration policies. The outcome of this legal battle may shape future approaches to border security and influence policy decisions regarding immigration and enforcement.


In conclusion, the installation of a border buoy wall by Texas Governor Greg Abbott has sparked a contentious debate about immigration and border security. The legal challenges against Abbott's actions highlight the complexities surrounding this issue. The ultimate resolution of this dispute will have significant implications for immigration policies and the ongoing efforts to secure the southern border. Stay informed as this story unfolds and share this article on Twitter and Facebook to contribute to the public discourse.