Texas AG Paxton facing impeachment trial over alleged bribery and abuse of public trust

By Jen Krausz on
 May 28, 2023

There's definitely an impeachment brewing, but not one related to President Joe Biden -- at least not yet.

The Texas House voted 121-23 on Saturday to impeach state attorney general Ken Paxton on charges of bribery, disregard of official duties, and abuse of public trust, despite a last-minute plea from former President Donald Trump not to pursue the charges.

The vote came after hours of debate in the chamber about whether to adopt 20 articles of impeachment against Paxton.

In March, a House committee launched an investigation into Paxton over a $3.3 million settlement of a wrongful termination lawsuit, which whistleblowers said delayed discovery in the case to Paxton's advantage.

There were also allegedly some shady doings involving the hiring of Paxton's alleged mistress and renovations to his house in exchange for legal help and favors from Paxton's office.

Paxton called the impeachment "political theater" based on "hearsay and gossip, parroting long-disproven claims." He also said he wasn't given a chance to defend himself and the investigation was secretive and rushed.