Texas AG Ken Paxton loses bid to have impeachment trial tossed

September 7, 2023

Texas Attorney General Warren Ken Paxton, Jr. is currently facing his impeachment trial, and the situation isn't looking great for him.

Breitbart reported that the first order of business on the initial day of his impeachment trial this week was for a vote to be held on a motion he filed to have the impeachment charges dismissed.

The motion was soundly rejected by Texas Senate jurors, noting that "Paxton’s argument that the Prior-Term 'Forgiveness' Doctrine should result in dismissing the impeachment proceedings."

Paxton and his attorney filed two motions to have the impeachment trial dismissed, and both were voted down by state Republicans and Democrats.

Several attorneys agreed with the vote, saying that in one of the instances, the "forgiveness" doctrine robs the public of learning what, exactly, their elected leader is accused of and facing, and why.

"The people of Texas deserve to hear the evidence in this trial. The forgiveness doctrine takes away the public’s chance to learn what their attorney general has been doing and their ability to make up their own mind about his actions," said Chris Tritico, a Houston-based legal analyst and attorney.

Other Texas attorneys agreed that the "forgiveness" doctrine shouldn't apply in Paxton's case.

"I’ve read the statute, and I am not convinced it applies," said criminal defense attorney and former Harris County Republican Party Chairman Gary Polland. "First, it does not mention statewide races. Second, the whole concept is a technicality."

He added, "But the position of Paxton is not ‘I didn’t do this stuff,’ but technically ‘I shouldn’t be held responsible,'” Polland added. “It doesn’t address the merits of the claims, and the concept puts certain politicians above the law."

After his attempts to have the impeachment trial ended, Paxton entered a not guilty plea.

Only time will tell if Paxton is convicted, but it's certainly not looking good for his political future at this point.

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