Texas AG Impeached By State House, Senate Trial Next

 May 29, 2023

The Texas House of Representatives, which is Republican-led, has impeached Attorney General Ken Paxton.

As such, he was immediately suspended from official duties.

A trial in the Senate is the next phase in the process and will determine his permanent fate in terms of the state's top legal job.

"The Conservative warrior in the courts has been the subject of high-profile headlines this year that talked about his lawsuits against the Biden administration, but more recently, the AG seems to have fallen from grace," reports Washington Examiner. "A Republican-led panel voted after an investigation to present his impeachment articles to the State House Wednesday."

Paxton has been accused of many missteps that would be cause for impeachment. Among the accused misdoings is an alleged attempt to hide an affair, misusing funds from his office to help a donor, and ignoring protocols as he ruled his office with a culture of fear and retaliation.

"Justice Department officials in Washington D.C. have also taken over a case looking into alleged bribery and abuse of office by Paxton," according to the Associated Press.

Paxton has denied all of the accusations.

"It is not surprising that a committee appointed by liberal Speaker Dade Phelan would seek to disenfranchise Texas voters and sabotage my work as Attorney General," Paxton said.