Ted Cruz Bill Would End Sale of U.S. Oil To China, CCP

 January 26, 2023

Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas introduced a bill this week that would stop the Biden Administration from selling oil from the United States Stragegic Petroleum Reserve to the Chinese.

The bill would end sales to both China and Chinese Communist Party-owned companies.

"Cruz's bill, the Protecting America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve from China Act, was cosponsored by over a dozen Senate Republicans and closely mirrors the bill passed by the House this month," reports Fox. "The House bill passed in an overwhelming bipartisan vote of 331-97, with 113 House Democrats voting in favor."

The ease with which the bill passed the House could mean that the bill will have a decent chance of passing in the Senate if Democrats sign on.

"The Strategic Petroleum Reserve was intended to ensure that America had sufficient oil reserves in the event of an emergency," Cruz said.

"Instead, Joe Biden sold a portion of this critical national security asset to the Chinese Communist Party when the CCP was stockpiling oil for its own strategic use, and while Americans are paying higher and higher prices for fuel because of the Biden administration’s disastrous energy policies," added Cruz.

"We need to immediately act to stop this from happening in the future and unleash American energy," the Texas senator said.

Source: Fox News