Ted Cruz Calls Alejandro Mayorkas 'Disgraceful' During Judiciary Hearing

 April 1, 2023

Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas used his ruthless questioning tactics in an interview with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, completely obliterating him for his responses to the questioning.

Cruz hammered Mayorkas, "If you had integrity, you would resign" over the migrant crisis.

"Your behavior is disgraceful. And the deaths, the children assaulted, the children raped, they are at your feet," Cruz went on.

"And if you had integrity, you would resign," Cruz told Mayorkas.

The brutal interview happened during a Senate Judiciary hearing on the border.

"Mayorkas also admitted during the hearing that he did not know how many migrants died last year trying to cross the southern border into the United States," reported JustTheNews.

"Of course you don't! I know how many died, 853!" Cruz loudly hammered.

"You go back to 1998, you see it's consistently between 300 to 400. ... Suddenly 2021. What happens? You get in office!" Cruz said.

Later in the hearing, Mayorkas refused to respond to Cruz.

"What the senator said was revolting. I'm not going to address it," Mayorkas said.

In typical Cruz fashion, Cruz didn't hold back.

"Your refusal to do your job is revolting!" Cruz responded.

Cruz's passionate questioning at the hearing comes after Customs and Border Protection have seen a record number of illegal migrant encounters in the last year.