Ted Cruz Calls Iran's Ayatollah 'A Theocratic, Homicidal, Genocidal Maniac'

October 20, 2023

Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz needed only five words to tell the world EXACTLY what he thought of Iran's Ayatollah:

A Theocratic, Homicidal, Genocidal Maniac.

Cruz said during an appearance on FNC's Hannity that President Joe Biden NEVER should have made a nuclear deal with Iran because we simply can't trust its leadership. He said:

Well, look, they’ve been engaged in secret deals from the beginning. Biden’s number one foreign policy priority was to enter into another Iran nuclear deal, but their answer is funnel billions of dollars into Iran. The Ayatollah is a theocratic, homicidal, genocidal maniac who leads mobs and chanting death to America and death to Israel. And if you look at the four pots of money that have gone to Hamas, you’ve got the $6 billion to Iran, you’ve got three weeks before that $10 billion to Iran again from the Biden administration. The biggest pot is $80 billion because Biden will not enforce the oil sanctions.

"So Joe Biden and the Democrats are allowing Iran today to sell 2 million barrels of oil a day, primarily to communist China," Cruz continued. "That is funding these Hamas terrorists, and then the fourth pot of money is the Biden administration sent hundreds of millions of dollars into Gaza after the Biden administration had concluded there was a high likelihood that money would go to Hamas to fund terrorism against Israel."

"We need to cut off all that money," the lawmaker added. "No money for Gaza. No money for Iran to shut off their oil sales, starve them of cash. That’s step number one. Step number two, we need to fund Israel’s defensive weaponry, the Iron Dome missile defense, give them the weapons they need. And then, step number three, Israel is going to be demonized by Democrats and the corrupt corporate media. We need to make clear that Hamas is using human shields, and Israel has a right to defend itself. We need to stand up and speak the truth."

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