Ted Cruz blasts President Biden for antisemitic attacks on Israel

 June 26, 2023

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) ripped President Joe Biden for instituting an anti-Israel “boycott” after the Biden administration reversed a Trump-era policy that facilitated cooperation between U.S. universities and Israeli institutions.

Cruz issued a statement on Saturday denouncing the decision saying, “This new boycott of Israeli Jews is yet another example. The State Department is telling the entire U.S. government not to cooperate with Jews in Judea and Samaria. And of course, it was sent to Congress in secret, and only revealed because reporters found out. The Biden administration defends funding scientific research in Wuhan with the Chinese Communist Party, but they’re discriminating against and banning cooperation with Jews based on where they live."

The Biden administration has repeatedly gotten away with being nakedly antisemitic in its treatment of Israel and yet many of the typical agitators are dead silent.

Cruz's statement continued saying, "I will do everything possible to reverse this decision and prohibit such antisemitic discrimination by the U.S. government in the future.”

The Republican Jewish Coalition leadership also tore into the Biden administration saying, “Whether it is pleading with the terrorists in Tehran for a bad nuclear deal, ceding diplomatic ground in the Middle East to China, or releasing an antisemitism policy that undermines efforts to codify a clear and comprehensive definition of antisemitism, the Biden administration continues to be a delight for far-left radicals and a deep disappointment to mainstream pro-Israel supporters."

Yet again, President Biden is upsetting our close allies while also violating many of the core beliefs that leftists claim to uphold.