Team Trump: Nikki Haley 'Just Another Career Politician'

 February 15, 2023

Nikki Haley announced on Valentine's Day that she was OFFICIALLY running for president of the United States in 2024. Americans knew that she planned to make the announcement for quite some time, and now it's official.

Haley previously served as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, but that does NOT mean that she's getting any respect from people like MAGA, Inc. executive Taylor Budowich, who said:

Nikki Haley is just another career politician. She started out as a Never Trumper before resigning to serve in the Trump admin. She then resigned early to go rake in money on corporate boards.

Haley knows that there is going to be criticism from a camp like Trump's, the strategy of which has always been more about touting Trump's greatness and alleging others' weaknesses, rather than dealing with the facts.

Trump is a motivator, which makes him hard to beat. Haley thinks she has a chance anyway:

"It's time for a new generation of leadership," she claimed.