Taylor Swift's concert tour breaks record with over $1B in gross revenue

 December 10, 2023

Pop superstar Taylor Swift has made history by breaking the record for gross revenue from her recent concert tour, bringing in an estimated $1,039,263,762 this year.

Swift's tour has broken the record set by Elton John's Farewell Tour, which made $939 million, and which celebrated the end of John's five decades as a performer.

The pop star's Eras Tour began this March in Glendale, Arizona, and ended -- for now -- last month in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Swift will continue the tour into Asia and Europe next year and is expected to do 146 shows by the end of this tour.

On average, fans spent $238.95 to see Swift perform, and some ticket packages ranged up to nearly a thousand dollars each.

When all is said and done, Swift's Eras Tour could cross the two billion mark and reinforce her position as the most influential performer of our time.

Some are even arguing that Swift may be the greatest pop star in history in terms of revenue and influence. It has been a long time since we have seen someone with the kind of pull that Swift has had worldwide.