Target bans Mark Levin book for 'offensive title'

Target stores are struggling with poor sales after the LGBTQ+ shenanigans it pulled in the month of June, and now company executives are making things worse on themselves.

Target could suffer a second punch this year after a decision to ban New York Times bestseller Mark Levin's book.

"Target has informed my publisher, Simon & Schuster, that it will not carry my new book when it is released on September 19. It claims that certain customers might be offended by the title. Imagine that!" Levin tweeted.

The book is titled The Democrat Party Hates America.

Levin recently said that the book is an amped-up version of his syndicated radio show and weekly TV feature on FoxNews, Life, Liberty and Levin.

“It’s brass knuckles, baby,” Levin said.

"The ban is likely to further help presales, which are already in record territory.," Washington Examiner reports. "The book stands as Amazon's No. 1 for political books and a remarkable No. 11 overall."

"Levin, known among supporters as 'The Great One,' probably figured some outlets might not like the focus of his book, but a liberal ban at a time conservatives are being criticized for policing books in grade schools is ironic," the Washington Examiner reports.

"So, the corporatist leftwing censorship begins," Levin tweeted about the ban.

Levin asked supporters to pre-purchase the book on Amazon. "I'd like to encourage you to go to and pre-order your discounted copies. Let's send a big message and drive pre-order sales way up on Amazon's list. Thank you!" he tweeted.

"There is no reason to hide," he said during his show. "We need to send messages that we are not going to buckle to this stuff just because the corporations have thrown in with the Democratic Party."

"Target is free to throw in with whomever they want. So are we; that’s the point. Maybe somebody will write a book called 'America Loves the Democrat Party' … be about seven pages long," Levin joked.