A 24-year-old Sheriff's Deputy is dead.

If that isn't dreadful enough news, brace yourself because it gets worse.

She was killed by an illegal immigrant.

But, it gets even worse than that...

An illegal immigrant with a criminal record.

We're not done...

That the feds had failed to deport.

Alexis Hein-Nutz was killed in a hit-and-run crash carried out by illegal alien Norberto Garcia-Gonzales.

Hein-Nutz would have turned 25 in just one week.

Garcia-Gonzales was carrying a fake green card and fake social security card at the time of the accident.

In 2007, Norberto was arrested and ordered to voluntarily return to Mexico.

Based on the fact that he's killing American officers that were ten-years-old when he was supposed to be deported, Norberto didn't listen.

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Former Attorney General Bill Barr recently appeared on Fox News channel.

While there, he didn't hold back. The lawsuit against Donald Trump and his children brought forth by New York State Attorney General Letitia James last year was nothing more than a "political hit job."

"It’s hard for me not to conclude it’s a political hit job. This is a woman who campaigned for office promising she was going to go after Trump, which I think is a tremendous abuse of office to go headhunting and targeting individuals. So I think she was targeting Trump," Barr said.

"This is after three years a civil lawsuit, the gist of which is when the Trump organization borrowed money, Trump personally guaranteed those loans, and to support that, she’s claiming that he inflated his assets on his financial statements. I’m not even sure she has a good case against Trump himself, but what ultimately persuades me that this is a political hit job is she grossly overreaches when she tries to drag the children into this."

Barr added that "Yes, they had roles in the business, but this was his personal financial statement. It was prepared by the CFO, accounting firms were involved in it. The children aren’t going to know the details of that, nor are they expected in the real world to do their own due diligence and have it reviewed independently."

"This to me looks like gross overreach, which I think is going to end up backfiring on them. I think it will make people sympathetic for Trump. This is another example of people piling on because of Trump derangement syndrome, you know, this strong entire to punish him," he concluded.

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Communist China is trying to control our young people's brains.

Have you ever heard of TikTok?

It's similar to the app "Vine" that sprung up about a decade prior in that users post short videos that appear on a "feed" of other users.

It allows the young people of America to waste HOURS doing nothing but scrolling through 15-second hits of dopamine.

The worst part? ALL of your children's viewing habits are being reported STRAIGHT to the Chinese government so that they can learn more about how to influence the young people of the world.

TikTok is controlled by the Chinese government. They control the content, they control the information, and they control their users.

If you think Social Media is harmless to our kids, think again.

China knows that it isn't.

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Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has the liberals of America in a checkmate situation that most conservatives will spend their entire lives wishing they had.

The left has developed wild rumors that Ron DeSantis has been kidnapping and shipping migrants around America.

They've repeatedly called it "human trafficking."

NEW: Immigration attorney Rachel Self is here at St. Anthony’s Church on Martha’s Vineyard and has been interviewing Venezuelan migrants about how they got here. She calls the entire ordeal “kidnapping.” #WBZ pic.twitter.com/Rs5NfI49WP

— Kristina Rex (@KristinaRex) September 15, 2022

But all Ron DeSantis is doing is taking the illegal immigrants arriving in his state and shipping them to liberal areas that claim we should open our homes to these people. All of this is happening WITH THE IMMIGRANTS' SIGNED CONSENT.

DeSantis is asking them if they would like to be relocated to areas like Martha's Vineyard, and the migrants are literally signing papers asking for Ron to please take them there.

Ron's got the papers, Ron's got the proof.

Checkmate, Democrats.

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Donald Trump has one word to describe Mitch McConnell:


Trump did not hold back when speaking about McConnell, blaming Mitch for "enabling massive democrat spending."

"What a disgrace," Trump began. "They got four trillion dollars and most of it is just wasted money. Throw it right out the window. It’s going to kill us with inflation"

"McConnell should have used the debt ceiling to stop it, I could have stopped that thing in one hour."

That's when he hit his crescendo:

TRUMP: "Mitch McConnell is a disgrace..." #SaveAmerica pic.twitter.com/qdVEJHzTqe

— Newsmax (@newsmax) September 18, 2022

Yet Joe Biden is still unable to face the facts. He just recently claimed inflation has gone up "hardly at all."

We need more leaders like Donald, and less like Joe and Mitch.

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Governor Ron DeSantis (R) is destroying the left with his move to ship illegal immigrants to Martha's Vineyard, and by the looks of things, he isn't finished.

Christina Pushaw, the Rapid Response Director for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis's (R) reelection campaign, blasted Democrats for their hypocrisy and signaled that more immigrants will be on the way to affluent Democrat areas.

Pushaw took to Twitter and responded to a post by Massachusetts State Rep. Dylan Fernandes (D) bragging about how the illegal immigrants were taken care of.

Pushaw responded to the post by saying, "Great, then you won't mind taking in a few thousand more."

Since President Biden was sworn into office, millions of illegal immigrants have poured across the border and southern states have had to bear the brunt of the flood.

Now Republicans like Governor DeSantis are going to make Democrats from California to Massachusetts feel the pain. DeSantis has exposed the left's hypocrisy, and it couldn't have come at a better time.

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Chicago's Democrat Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, is calling on President Joe Biden to "step up" and provide Chicago with federal funds to deal with the influx of illegal immigrants from Republican states.

During a press conference on Thursday, Lightfoot told reporters that Chicago is in desperate need of assistance from the federal government.

Lightfoot stated during the press conference, "The federal government has to step up. I was in Washington, DC, last week talking with members of Customs and Border Patrol, National FEMA, ICE, and DHS. And we made it very clear — I made it very clear — that our expectations that they were going to have a plan that features communication and collaboration with interior cities. And they must do that, and they must do that soon."

Interestingly, Mayor Lightfoot has been dead silent on the crisis on the southern border and it took illegal immigrants being shipped into the city for Mayor Lightfoot to begin demanding action.

Lightfoot demanded "Resources, communication, and collaboration" from the Biden administration, which is something southern states have had to go without for years.

Now that Democrats around the nation are being affected by the crisis on the southern border, it is possible that the Biden administration may finally act.

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Actor Laurence Fox of "My Son Hunter" fame has finally had enough of Hunter Biden and the rest of his family.

Not only the actions of the family, but the constant actions of the media designed to do nothing but cover up the Biden flaws whether it be Joe, Jill, or Hunter.

Laurence Fox thinks that the amount that the liberal media constantly prohibits conservative ideas from being spread qualifies "essentially as election rigging."

"So it’s pretty terrifying, isn’t it, that big tech have this power. And, bearing in mind, that there was four years from 2016 of the Democrats saying Trump had only gotten in on Russian collusion… whatever your views are on Trump, it was pretty underhanded play," he said.

"So then to find out that big tech had then censored this — like Twitter stopped showing the New York Post story and [Mark] Zuckerberg de-boosting it — that is essentially, I’m not sure what the word you could use for it other than election rigging."

Marshall Matters @spectator podcast with @LozzaFox out now

We discuss My Son Hunter film, Biden corruption, the laptop, big tech cover up, free speech and more… pic.twitter.com/bazeB0CmhM

— Winston Marshall (@MrWinMarshall) September 14, 2022

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Former Republican Senate candidate Buzz Kelly has officially suspended his campaign.

While this isn't an official withdrawal from the race, it's hard to envision somebody suspending their campaign at this point being a good thing.

He's now tossed his weight behind Trump-endorse Kelly Tshibaka.

"I am suspending my campaign and I’m asking all those who supported me and/or my ideas, if you would now please throw your support behind Kelly Tshibaka."

"She is our BEST BET to deny Murkowski."

As of Monday, polling showed Tshibaka tied with Murkowski.

The way Alaska's election works is as follows:

All candidates from all parties appear on the ballot together in the August primary. The top four vote-getters regardless of party then advance to the general election, and their voters are given the opportunity to pick their top choice, as well as their second and third choices. If no candidate in the first round of voters’ first choices gets 50 percent of the vote, the last place candidate’s second choices are distributed across the remaining three candidates to see if someone can get across the majority threshold. If that fails again to produce a majority vote-getter, then a third round is conducted where the third place candidate’s votes are redistributed according to second choices between the remaining two candidates.

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Boom. $1,000. But not for nothing.

Only for heroes.

Santa Ronny came knocking again recently, delivering America gold nugget after gold nugget in an attempt to keep this country as good as it is.

The bonuses are for first responders. AKA the people who actually deserve them.

Not politicians. Not donors.


"We’ve got to go work with every fire department, every police department, every sheriff’s department in the state of Florida to get the names of everybody and make sure that we could process these checks. And so all Florida first responders who were employed by any level of local government as of May 1 of this year, are eligible to receive the bonus," DeSantis said.

Better than that, he's even paying the taxes on them.

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