If there is a conservative journalist in America that doesn't owe Donald Trump anything, it's Megyn Kelly.

So when even she is complaining about the unfair treatment that the Trump family is receiving compared to the Biden family, America should listen.

Kelly has personal beef with Trump. She wouldn't be defending him if what she was saying was not the truth. She has no reason to lie for Trump, and she's one of the last people in the world that I would expect to do so.

"Lots of indictments of Trump — not a one on Hunter Biden," Kelly said.

That's despite all of the terrible evidence we have against Hunter Biden, including the laptop that has been proven without a doubt to belong to him.

When even Megyn Kelly is crying that liberals are on a witch hunt to get Trump, it's time for the DNC to try a new strategy.

America is tired of their current one.

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It's common for Republicans to not support what a liberal president is doing in office.

Joe Biden has bigger problems then that, though. Independents aren't supporting him either.

Over 25 times more independent voters would currently rank Biden's economy as "very bad" as compared to "very good."

More than half of independent voters think that the economy right now is "very bad." Just 2% believe it is "very good."

Beyond the "very" extremes in the poll, people were still overwhelmingly pessimistic. Only 20% think the economy is "good" or "very good" while 77% believe it is "bad" or "very bad."

Joe Biden simply isn't doing a good job combating inflation. His only plan now? To spend more.

Who's going to tell him that's not going to work?

Joe Biden Reminds Americans Complaining About Inflation He Sent Them "A Check for Eight Grand" pic.twitter.com/fGnpQ0RpEU

— Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) July 29, 2022

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Thirty-three Republican senators stepped up on September 19 and DEMANDED "Attorney General Merrick Garland give the attorney probing Hunter Biden special counsel powers and protections."

This shows that Republicans in the Senate are DONE messing around when it comes to the Biden family. The First Family is corrupt, and it starts with Hunter.

While Hunter is a drug-addicted loser, that doesn't mean that he does not have any skills.

He has many skills, one of which is manipulating his father into doing whatever is best for Hunter.

In most families, the poor dad would just be an enabler who is doing the best he can.

In this family, however, the poor dad is the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

We have PROOF that Hunter Biden has manipulated his father on multiple occasions to persuade Daddy to do what's best for Baby Boy.

American voters are sick of it. So are our Senators.

Hunter Biden could reportedly be charged by the Justice Department for tax violations and lying to law enforcement about illegally purchasing a firearm, as the probe into Joe Biden’s son comes to a head. https://t.co/K0BHIdAcUZ

— Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) July 21, 2022

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Former President Trump has been "invited to a special memorial service for Queen Elizabeth II attended by the Queen’s Colour Squadron in America’s Washington National Cathedral."

"Queen Elizabeth was more than a monarch. Through 70 years of service to her God and to her people, Queen Elizabeth embodied an unrivaled sense of duty, devotion and fidelity. Across seven decades of tumultuous change, she was a model of stability, and carried her nation in her heart with grace and dignity. We mourn the passage of all that she represents; she was an icon of [honour], duty and service," The Times of London reported.

"Across her remarkable life, Queen Elizabeth visited this cathedral four times, and we cherish our connections to our brothers and sisters who now mourn her passing throughout her beloved Anglican Communion. Our hearts are linked across the oceans with the people of the United Kingdom, and our prayers are with her son, Charles, as he assumes the weighty responsibilities of the throne," the article read.

Donald Trump has had similar words for Elizabeth in the past:

Donald Trump: Queen Elizabeth a ‘Grand and Beautiful Lady’ — ‘There Was Nobody Like Her!’ https://t.co/kUjwwstqux

— Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) September 9, 2022

WATCH: Trump Shares Memories of ‘Incredible’ Queen Elizabeth II with Nigel Farage https://t.co/ezuAfWEltm

— Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) September 9, 2022

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At least in Texas, Mark Zuckerburg is not getting away with it anymore.

Neither is Twitter, or Google.

A federal appeals court has officially upheld a law allowing users to sue social media platforms that suspend their accounts without proper justification.

This law is trying to prevent people like Donald Trump from getting banned from public forums because the owners of these forums want people to vote liberal.

"Today we reject the idea that corporations have a freewheeling First Amendment right to censor what people say," said U.S. Circuit Court Judge Andrew Oldham.

The tech giants said that forcing them to allow free speech on their platforms violates the First Amendment.

It sounds like these guys REALLY don't understand what the First Amendment means.

And they're trying to make it our problem. For now at least, Texas won't let them.

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Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) blasted President Joe Biden for his "appeasement" of Latin-American tyrants and dictators during a speech with human rights activists celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month.

During a rally on Thursday, Scott and other Republicans, including Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Cuban-American Representative María Elvira Salazar (R-FL), called on the White House to take much-needed action.

Senator Rubio said during the rally, "The Biden Administration's policy of appeasement with far-left tyrants and would-be tyrants in Latin America emboldens their grip on power, encourages drug trafficking in our region, and promotes illegal mass migration across our unsecured border."

The President's handling of the southern border has been nothing short of disastrous and his handling of the geopolitical region hasn't been much better.

Senator Rubio continued saying, "The United States, and democracies in our region, are less safe because of this administration's desire to turn a blind eye to the needs of our hemisphere. We need real leadership and real solutions, not left-leaning policies from Marxist apologists."

It seems unlikely that the Biden administration will heed the warnings presented to them. Barring some change of heart, South America will continue to suffer and authoritarian dictators will flourish.

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) had her own Jeb Bush moment during a speech praising the Inflation Reduction Act on Tuesday.

Pelosi was caught begging the audience to applaud her speech saying, "That's an applause line," as she celebrated the legislation that was supposed to mitigate the massive inflation plaguing the nation.

Pelosi's "please clap," moment illustrated just how desperate things are getting for Pelosi and the Democrat Party.

No one is enthusiastic about what Democrats are doing and Americans are apathetic and even outright distrusting of anything coming from Pelosi and Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer.

Pelosi's sycophantic speech praising President Biden was so uninspiring that even an audience of attendees at the White House wasn't buying it.

If deep-blue Washington D.C. Democrats aren't buying what Pelosi is selling, it is worth wondering what normal Americans think about the President and his inflation reduction act.

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The New York Attorney General has rejected a settlement in the Trump civil suit.

It is thought that New York Attorney General Letitia James has rejected an offer to settle the suit against Donald Trump and will begin targeting at least one of the former President's children.

Bold move coming from a party that put the man that raised Hunter Biden into office.

"The New York attorney general’s office has rebuffed an offer from Donald J. Trump’s lawyers to settle a contentious civil investigation into the former president and his family real estate business, setting the stage for a lawsuit that would accuse Mr. Trump of fraud, according to three people with knowledge of the matter.

The attorney general, Letitia James, is also considering suing at least one of Mr. Trump’s adult children, the people said. Ivanka, Eric and Donald Trump Jr., have all been senior executives at Mr. Trump’s company, the Trump Organization."

James was elected in 2018 and has been promising to prosecute Donald Trump ever since.

Donald Trump is not personally implicated in the lawsuit, it is his businesses that are being targeted.

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Jill Biden has announced what her husband needs to do moving forward.

In doing so, she revealed to America that she's just as crazy as he is.

She has "not yet" discussed 2024 with her husband, but her opinion is that "I just think he needs to keep going."

Well Jill, you're possibly the only person in America that thinks that.

The announcement was made during Jill's appearance on NBC's "Today."

"He’s been a little bit too busy. Not yet, but I’m sure they’ll be discussions."

"You know, it is taxing. But look at all that Joe has done. He has kept true to what he said he would do. So, I just think he needs to keep going."

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The stock market is plummeting over 1,000 points.

So what does Joe Biden do? He brings in a singer to celebrate the reason for our economy's downfall:

The "Inflation Reduction Act."

Isn't it wild that less than two years after a liberal gets in office we already need something called the "Inflation Reduction Act?"

Singer James Taylor showed up to get the crowd pumped for Jumping Joe at a recent celebration for the Inflation Reduction Act.

Have I mentioned that this act does ANYTHJING but fight inflation?

At least Biden wasn't the only idiot to pull a similar James Taylor Stunt.

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