The Black Lives Matter campaign is "destroying what made America great and using blacks as a means to do so."

That's the opinion of Larry Elder, the conservative talk show host who came within a whisker of replacing Gavin Newsom in California last year.

Elder shed light on some of the tricks being used by liberals recently and took aim.

"White Guilt" and BLM are two of the worst ideas to hit America in quite some time, according to Elder.

"The co-founders [of Black Lives Matter] are self-described ‘trained Marxists’ who do not believe in capitalism," Elder said. "They want to bring down the American system as we know it. They want to bring down capitalism. They want government ownership of property, even as they’re out buying mansions with the money that Patrice Cullors described as ‘white guilt money.'"

"It is a filthy disgusting lie that America is systemically racist and the police are engaging in systemic racism," Larry concluded. "Just the other day, there were three Arkansas cops beating the stuffings out of a white suspect. It was a one-day story. Nobody cared. They kneeled on him. They pounded him. We’re talking about three people beating the crap out of this guy, and it was a one-day story. Nobody cared. Why? Because the suspect was the wrong race. Had he been a black guy, we’d know his name. The cops would be flashed all over the newspaper. They’d be prosecuted."

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Vladimir Putin has issued a nuclear threat to the west.

Not only did he take the time to issue the threat, he wanted it to be known he wasn't messing around.

He said "I am NOT bluffing" as he announced the mobilization of another 300,000 Russian troops.

He also announced that he was approving referendums to be held in occupied areas of Ukraine, which in Russia's eyes make those territories part of their country.

Putin is threatening to use "all means" to get what he wants:

"If the territorial integrity of our country is threatened, we will use all available means to protect Russia and our people - this is not a bluff... I shall stress - by all means available to us. Those trying to blackmail us with nuclear weapons should know that the tables can turn on them."

Putin is angry. As a result, he's not backing down. Instead, he's doubling down.

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Kyrie Irving is an NBA champion, NBA All-Star Game MVP, and maybe the best dribbler in basketball history.

There's something he isn't as good at as most of his teammates though:

Getting vaccinated.

Irving sat out a decent portion of the 2021 - 2022 NBA season, including ALL home games held in his Brooklyn Nets' home state of New York during the regular season. That was because New York had a rule not allowing anyone into public buildings without proof of the jab.

Recognizing it was important to the team, New York City allowed Irving to work without the vaccine once the playoffs rolled around.

Now, Irving is speaking out about the whole ordeal:

If I can work and be unvaccinated, then all of my brothers and sisters who are also unvaccinated should be able to do the same, without being discriminated against, vilified, or fired. ♾🤞🏾

This enforced Vaccine/Pandemic is one the biggest violations of HUMAN RIGHTS in history.

— A11Even (@KyrieIrving) September 20, 2022

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A whistleblower has accused the FBI's Washington Field Office of blowing the January 6 situation out of proportion in order to control the American people.

Should January 6 should have happened?

Absolutely not.

All we did was give them ammunition to say conservatives are all part of the "domestic violent extremism" problem in America. Ever since that day, liberals have been blowing each and every case related to the riot out of proportion in an attempt to make conservatives seem more dangerous than they are.

This information was relayed to Representative Jim Jordan, a Republican from Ohio, by a secret whistleblower.

"The manipulative casefile practice creates false and misleading crime statistics. Instead of hundreds of investigations stemming from a single, black swan incident at the Capitol, FBI and DOJ officials point to significant increases in domestic violent extremism and terrorism around the United States."

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Iowa's Democrat U.S. Senate nominee Mike Franken is in a bit of hot water.

His former campaign manager is alleging that Franken has been making "several" unwanted advances toward women, including her.

This could be a damning blow for Franken, he is currently in a battle against Republican Senator Chuck Grassley for his Iowa Senate seat.

The former campaign manager's official report had Franken's name blocked out, but people have been able to piece together the man she was naming.

Franken is being accused of "Assault - Simple."

The accuser, Kimberley Strope-Boggus, claims the two had drinks at a bar in Des Moines on March 18.

After that, in an Ace Hardware parking lot, is when Franken made his (unwanted) move.

Apparently, this wasn't the first time.

According to the police report:

Kimberly stated after this phone call Becky made a post on Twitter with negative comments about politicians. Kimberley stated in the post Becky called [Franken] by name and commented that he had fired Kimberly and then called Becky to ask for money. Kimberly stated approximately two and a half hours later [Franken] called her and asked her to have Becky remove the post. Kimberly stated she told [Franken] and not to call her again, and that is the last conversation she had with [Franken].

Kimberly stated after this incident she told Becky about [Franken] kissing her when leaving the bar. She stated that Becky was upset and suggested that she report the incident to Police.

Kimberly stated that on the 04/11, the day prior to our conversation, [Franken’s] team contacted her lawyer. Kimberly stated that she had re-posted Becky’s comments about [Franken] and his team advised her lawyer that that was a violation of the nondisclosure that she sign when she was terminated Kimberly stated that she did remove the post after that.

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A new Ipsos poll released on Wednesday found that only 39% of Americans approve of President Joe Biden's job performance. Worse yet, only 25% of independents who responded to the poll approve of the President.

November's midterm elections are just two months away, and President Biden's approval ratings are hitting new lows.

President Biden's horrific numbers are going to be a massive burden for Democrats attempting to court American votes in November.

Since the President was sworn into office, the nation has been heading in the wrong direction.

The Ipsos poll found that a whopping 74% of respondents believe that the country is heading in the wrong direction.

Democrats could lose control of Congress in November, and that paints a bleak future for President Biden. Without Congressional control, the President's agenda will stand no chance of passing.

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President Joe Biden dropped in on an auto show in Detroit, Michigan, on Wednesday and was caught looking at an Orange gas-powered Chevrolet Corvette.

Accompanied by General Motors CEO Mary Barra, the President was enamored with the admittedly gorgeous vehicle.

However, the President's gazing was in stark contrast to his mission to promote electric vehicles.

The President test drove several cars including the electric Cadillac Lyriq. His comments on it were illuminating as he told those present, "It's a beautiful car. But I love the Corvette."

No one is blaming the President for enjoying a beautiful car, but they will be blaming him when he preaches on the necessity of electric vehicles and the evils of fossil fuels.

President Biden, like the rest of the elite, wants to see Americans without power and stripped of all luxury. The President wants to drive his gas-guzzling Corvette while the little people can't afford gasoline.

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TikTok is refusing to stop the flow of data about American citizens that is travelling to communist China.

COO Vanessa Pappas recently testified before Senate that the company will NOT stop the transfer of American data to China.

The comments came in front of the Senate Homeland Security Committee. Other tech giants were asked the question as well, but did not give an answer.

Senior executives from Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter were seen at the event.

Breitbart reported on this story in July:

Chinese-owned viral video app TikTok has revealed that certain company employees based in China have access to the personal information of American users. The company’s admission came in a letter to nine U.S. senators who accused TikTok and its parent company, ByteDance Ltd., of monitoring U.S. citizens.

TikTok influencers Florin Vitan (L) and Alessia Lanza perform a video (Photo by MIGUEL MEDINA / AFP) (Photo by MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP via Getty Images)

The senators asked TikTok whether China-based employees have access to U.S. users’ data, what role those employees play in developing TikTok’s algorithm, and if any of that information was shared with the Chinese government.

The CEO of TikTok parent company ByteDance, Shou Zi Chew, said in a June 30 letter that China-based employees who clear a number of internal security protocols can access certain information on U.S.-based TikTok users including public videos and comments. Chew claims that none of this information is shared with the Chinese government and is subject to "robust cybersecurity controls."

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Liberals don't have a strategy.

They are simply out of ideas, and the only thing they can come up with now is yelling and name-calling.

This is what happens when you don't have any actual agenda.

The left's entire gameplan is to try to whip Americans into such a frenzy about how bad Republicans are that we have no choice but to vote liberal. There's just one problem with that strategy:

We're not that stupid.

We realize what they're up to. They aren't trying to get along, they're trying to be divisive. The worse off America is, the better off liberals are heading into elections.

People like Ted Cruz have caught on to the Democrats' strategy, and it's not going to fly any longer.

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Lady Justice is flaming with passion, and there's one man responsible.

It's not Joe Biden.

No, it's not Daddy Joe. It's baby boy.

Hunter himself.

The laptop man. The surfer of the web. The visitor of prostitutes. The sniffer of coke. The smoker of crack.

The painter.

The "businessman."

Jeff Landry has explained exactly why the ENTIRE liberal establishment is being so protective over their false narrative's that Hunter Biden is a functioning member of society.

"In an information war, the goal is to keep us confused. Facts become vague. Truth becomes a mystery. Reality becomes an illusion. This is the art of the legacy media, creating a fun house of smoke and mirrors and confusing us at every turn until up is down and right is left. This is also how Biden’s federal government has effectively created a two-tiered justice system, in which even Lady Justice herself has become so disoriented that she now is weaponized against her own citizens in the name of secrecy, power, and lies."

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