An absolute legend may soon be facing some very turbulent waters.

Brett Favre is being implicated in a welfare scandal.

The former NFL superstar is a Super Bowl champion and three-time league MVP.

Brett Favre played for the Atlanta Falcons, Green Bay Packers, New York Jets, and Minnesota Vikings during his NFL career.

While he is most known for his efforts in Green Bay, he did make the pro bowl as a member of the New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings as well.

His off-the-field career doesn't seem to be going as well though.

Mississippi welfare director John Davis has recently plead guilty and agreed to cooperate with investigators regarding a scheme that may have involved Brett Favre's name being used to upgrade his daughter's college volleyball facility.

Favre has been "on the radar" of investigators for months.

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Joe Biden has a huge problem going into 2024.

It's Donald Trump.

Not just the fact that Trump exists, but the fact that more Americans want to vote for Donald than for Biden in 2024.

While liberals scramble to hopefully have ANYONE besides the current president represent them in 2024, conservatives know exactly who they want to represent them.

A recent survey among Republican voters showed that over 50% of them want Trump to be the party's 2024 nominee. The next closest was Ron DeSantis at under 20%.

That's a huge gap between Trump and DeSantis.

But Trump isn't only the preferred man in his own party, he has a lead in the general election as well.

Forty-five percent of Americans say they would vote for Trump in 2024.

Just 42% of Americans are saying the same about Biden.

Biden Calls MAGA Republicans "Violent," "Extreme," "Dangerous" While Ignoring Leftist Violence

— Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) September 2, 2022

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CBS is in hot water.

They can't seem to tell their audience the truth.

Recently, the network said that "A Republican investigation … uncovered no wrongdoing by then-Vice President Biden" in regards to Hunter Biden.

Except that wasn't true at all. The investigation found PLENTY to hold Biden accountable for, including misleading the public.

In addition to that, a severe conflict of interests was also uncovered.

For some reason though, CBS can't seem to get that part of the story right.

Instead of tell the truth, they'd rather just try to trick Americans.

It's 2022, and it isn't going to work any longer.

If you need proof of just how corrupt the Biden family is, the new movie "My Son Hunter" has been revealed to be much more fact than fiction.

You can check out the trailer here:

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Biden has a crisis on his hands, and he's not doing one thing about it.

Americans are dying from fentanyl at horrific rates.

Fentanyl is so deadly that it needs to be declared a weapon of mass destruction, according to Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen.

If fentanyl is so deadly, then why are so many Americans messing around with it?

Because it's cheap and it's powerful. So powerful that it could kill you, in fact. But why let a higher risk of dying keep you away from a more powerful high at a cheaper price?

Drug use isn't about rational thinking, it's about getting high.

Dealers have found this out too.

Why spend $20 of their own money to buy heroin to put in a bag for the client, when $2 worth of fentanyl mixed with baking soda would give the same high.

They don't care if users are dying, they're criminals.

The only question is why doesn't our president care, either?

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Martha's Vineyard has released their official reasoning for not wanting illegal aliens living in their city.

There's a "housing crisis."

The problem with that claim? It's not true at all.

Quick glances around internet will show that there are numerous empty homes across Martha's Vineyard.

It's just that the owners aren't willing to sell them or allow migrants to stay in them.

And they said we were the racist ones?

If liberals encourage illegal immigration so much, they should be able to open their hearts to them, right?

Apparently not.

That's liberal logic for you.

Just five of these empty homes would have to be opened to house ALL of the illegal immigrants that are arriving.

The liberals at Martha's Vineyard are NOT opening up their doors for them.

Don't let them gaslight into feeling bad for doing the same.

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Pennsylvania Democrat Senate candidate John Fetterman is refusing to release documentation substantiating his claims that he has taken a cognitive test.

Fetterman's campaign claims that he has taken a test to determine whether his brain is functioning for an adult his age. However, like President Joe Biden, the results are being hidden away from the public.

An article from the Inquirer stated that Fetterman's campaign "did not provide any documentation of the results, or make available to the media the speech therapist who administered the tests."

Voters have become increasingly concerned that Fetterman is not physically capable of serving in Congress due to several strange incidents.

Fetterman suffered a stroke that some fear may have had permanent effects.

Fetterman has had difficulty delivering speeches and some fear his health may not recover from his stroke. His campaign's refusal to release documentation of his test further indicates that not all is well with Fetterman with the election just months away.

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President Joe Biden was caught pushing the "fine people hoax" during a so-called "Unity Summit" on Thursday. The President claimed that former President Trump referred to Neo-Nazis as "very fine people."

In reality, Trump specifically condemned the Neo-Nazis that were protesting in Charlottesville in August 2017.

That hasn't stopped Democrats from repeatedly pushing the "fine people hoax," to the point that the lie became accepted in many mainstream circles.

Trump specifically called out Neo-Nazis in a press conference following the protest saying, "I'm not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists, because they should be condemned totally."

Ironically, Trump's "very fine people" comment was made in reference to people like Heather Heyer, a counter-protester that was killed during the protest.

The repeated lies from President Biden leave no doubt that the President is unwell and those around him are maliciously manipulating him into spewing lies and misinformation.

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It really is shocking just how true the move "My Son Hunter."

This is supposed to be entertainment. It is a film, after all.

But while the new movie IS wildly entertaining, that's not the reason it's making waves across America. No, that reason is because the movie is TRUE.

Especially the part about Biden taking money from China.

According to Breitbart:

"Hunter Biden took $5 million from CEFC China Energy co., which is linked to the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and the Bank of China.

CEFC was led by Ye Jianming, who had a number of ties to Chinese military intelligence and the company supplied oil to the PLA, according to Breitbart News Senior Contributor Peter Schweizer’s bestselling book, Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win."

Schweizer writes in the book:

Ye was at the center of Beijing’s economic strategy. His firm, CEFC, saw itself as playing an important and central role in advancing China’s Belt and Road Initiative, which was designed to expand Chinese economic and political influence worldwide. Accordingly, CEFC was also an oil supplier to the People’s Liberation Army.

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The left has attempted to impose woke gender ideology by any means possible, and if it weren't for a few brave conservatives they might have gotten the job done already.

Ron DeSantis is one of the good ones.

The Republican Governor of Florida has said that the left's tactics are "not based on science."

He made the remarks while he was giving a speech at the National Conservatism conference in Miami.

"Focus on academics. Don’t try to impose ideology on young and vulnerable kids, and most people think that that’s common sense," DeSantis said.

Woke Cartoon Network and HBO Max are now targeting preschool children with woke content aimed at younger audiences.

— Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) September 15, 2021

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He was known as "Son of the Devil."

For some reason John Fetterman STILL let him out of jail.

The Democrat who is running against Dr. Oz for Pennsylvania Senate, has a past that he probably doesn't want brought up:

He doesn't bother to keep America safe.

In 2019, he helped free a first-degree murderer from prison.

You wouldn't forgive somebody who smashed through the prison wall in a getaway car and let the Son of the Devil catch a ride, so why should we trust the man who worked so hard to free the killer via other means?

If Pennsylvania is smart, they'll see right through John Fetterman.

Luckily, we know we can trust Dr. Oz.

He is a wizard, after all.

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