Surfer Mikala Jones dies in freak surfing accident at age 44

By Jen Krausz on
 July 12, 2023

Famous surfer Mikala Jones died Sunday morning in a tragic surfing accident in Indonesia at age of 44, Fox News reported.

Jones was surfing near Sipora, Indonesia when the fin on his board reportedly sliced his femoral artery, causing him to bleed out before he could get to the hospital.

He was known for photographing his surfing exploits and was known to push the envelope.

Jones' daughter Isabella Jones posted a lengthy tribute to her father on Instagram about her shock and grief over his death.

“Life will never be the same without you. I miss you so much, i would do anything to get one more moment, even if it was us arguing and then laughing our as**s off. Thank you for teaching me so many life lessons, and always being there for me,” she said.

Renowned surf photographer Brian Bielmann said about Jones' death, "What he packed into his 44 years was astounding. He lived a great life, was loved by many and will never be forgotten."