Supreme Court won't hear case to disqualify Trump from 2024 ballot

October 4, 2023

Justices on the U.S. Supreme Court proved on Monday that they are not stupid, declining to hear a case about whether former President Donald Trump can be disqualified from the 2024 presidential ballot.

Little-known presidential candidate John Anthony Castro filed the suit to disqualify Trump because of the 14th Amendment's prohibition on anyone who took part in an insurrection running for president, but the Supreme Court denied hearing it without providing any comment.

Castro said he's not giving up on trying to get Trump off the ballot, even though it would likely not help his candidacy much.

"The Supreme Court can deny to hear the case but appellate courts cannot," he wrote Monday on X, formerly Twitter, after the high court's announcement. "I'm still pursuing decisions in the liberal appellate courts and there's a full blown trial scheduled for October 20 in New Hampshire and a bench trial in Arizona on October 31."

If any court succeeds in removing Trump from the ballot, in even one state, it could derail his chances of getting enough electoral votes to win.

Republicans have pointed out that doing so would constitute election interference. Trump has not been convicted of having any part in the January 6 breach of the Capitol and calling the event an "insurrection" is a gross exaggeration of what happened anyway.