Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Christian Who Refused To Work Sundays

An evangelical mail carrier who worked for the United States Postal Service said that he requested Sundays off and that the USPS could have given it to him.

They didn't. The Christian who preferred not to work on his holy day was told he would be forced to work on Sundays anyhow.

Luckily, the U.S. Supreme Court did not agree.

"I hope this decision allows others to be able to maintain their convictions without living in fear of losing their jobs because of what they believe," the employee, Gerald Groff, said.

The case is now being sent back down to lower courts after the Supreme Court set a new standard for situations like this.

Still, the USPS remains determined to force Gerald Groff to work on Sundays:

Postal Service spokeswoman Felicia Lott recently said that "the Postal Service expects to ultimately win the case."

They won't.

Not if REAL Americans -- or Jesus -- have anything to say about it.