Hochul mulling 'options' after court rejects vaccine mandate for healthcare workers

 January 26, 2023

Democrat New York Governor Kathy Hochul is reported to be considering her "options" after a judge made the the decision to strike down her coronavirus vaccine mandate on the state's healthcare workers.

"The New York Supreme Court Justice Gerard Neri this month concluded that the Empire State exceeded its authority by mandating the Chinese coronavirus vaccine on healthcare workers, deeming the rule 'null, void and of no effect,'" reports Breitbart.

"New York’s Department of Health disagreed with the decision, deeming vaccines — which do not prevent transmission of the virus, nor do they prevent one from contracting the virus — 'a critical public health tool,'" reports Breitbart.

Hochul's Department of Health in New York said that it is "exploring its options" in response to Neri's ruling.

Investigative Reporter Jennifer Lewke of News10NBC confronted Governor Hochul on this issue, noting the massive shortages of healthcare worker staff the state is facing due to the previous mandate.

"The hospitals and nursing homes say they’re waiting for DOH guidance on whether they can hire any of those workers back. What’s the latest on that?" Lewke asked the governor, who answered with a similar line to the DOH, saying that they are still "considering all our options."

"I will say that last year in my State of the State, we put forth a plan to help retention and also recruitment and a lot of those programs are just unfolding now," Kochul said in an effort to dismiss the mounting concerns over the staff shortages hospitals continue to face in New York.

Source: Breitbart News