Supreme Court Ready To Hear Cases About Biden Government Overreach

 December 1, 2023

Soon, the U.S. Supreme Court will discuss a long overdue subject:

The Securities and Exchange Commission’s ability to enforce security laws without going to court and instead by using administrative law judges and procedures of its own choosing is poised for substantive review.

The 5th Circuit has already said that the Securities and Exchange Commission’s ability to enforce penalties without the availability of a jury trial is a violation of the Constitution.

This week, the high court heard arguments in a case known as Jarkesy v. Securities and Exchange Commission.

For those not familiar with the case, here’s a quick overview.

Back in 2022, conservative radio jockey and hedge fund manager George Jarkesy was barred from the securities industry and fined extensively after the SEC found him to have committed fraud.

“The agency court in Jarkesy had a nearly spotless record -- always ruling for the agency. When Jarkesy’s case went to trial, the agency had won the last 200 times,” wrote Jarkesy's lawyer in an op-ed.

If this moves America even one inch away from government overreach, oppression, and surveillance, then I'm all for Jarkesy's fight.