Supreme Court Pauses Order Banning Biden Officials From Conspiring With Social Media

September 16, 2023

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has issued a temporary pause on a lower-court order ruling that Joe Biden and his team may NOT allowed to work in partnership with social media companies to censor Americans.

Many conservatives are calling it an interesting move from somebody who is supposedly a conservative judge.

Alito's stay came in response to an emergency filing from the Justice Department asking the court to block an injunction that would have gone into place on Sept. 18.

The injunction would have blocked federal officials like employees of the White House and the CDC from flagging so-called "misinformation" on social media platforms.

These federal agencies should not be allowed that power because they can't handle it. They simply say that anything they disagree with is "misinformation."

Still, Alito's decision stands. Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar explained exactly what this means:

Under the injunction, the Surgeon General, the White House Press Secretary, and many other senior presidential aides risk contempt if their public statements on matters of policy cross the ill-defined lines drawn by the Fifth Circuit. CDC officials run the same risk if they accurately answer platforms’ questions about public health. And FBI agents risk being hauled into court if they flag content posted by terrorists or disinformation disseminated by covert malign foreign actors.

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