Supreme Court Justice Roberts Predicts AI Will 'Significantly' Impact Legal Field

 January 2, 2024

A recent prediction about the Supreme Court and judges everywhere may send shivers down your spine.

John Roberts, the chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court chief justice, held forth on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the courtroom and revealed how he believes it will affect judges in the future.

"As 2023 draws to a close with breathless predictions about the future of Artificial Intelligence, some may wonder whether judges are about to become obsolete. I am sure we are not—but equally confident that technological changes will continue to transform our work,” Roberts wrote in a recent report.

Roberts went on to say he predicts “that human judges will be around for a while” and that, eventually, “judicial work -- particularly at the trial level -- will be significantly affected by AI.”

“Those changes will involve not only how judges go about doing their job, but also how they understand the role that AI plays in the cases that come before them,” Roberts continued.

Do you think Artificial Intelligence will change the way we operate in the courtroom in the future?

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