Supreme Court Adopts Code Of Ethics

 November 15, 2023

The U.S. Supreme Court has finally done it.

The justices adopted an official code of ethics.

While critics are saying that the measures don't do enough to make sure that the justices aren't playing favorites, you have to admit that this is better than nothing.

The court released a 14-page announcement on Nov. 13 addressing the issue.

Clarence Thomas and Sonya Sotomayor are two of the justices who have been facing scrutiny lately.

There have been allegations that Thomas accepted gifts he shouldn't have, and Sotomayor is under a microscope for the methods used to promote a recent book.

"The undersigned justices are promulgating this Code of Conduct to set out succinctly and gather in one place the ethics rules and principles that guide the conduct of the Members of the Court," all nine of the judges said in a joint statement.

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