Super Bowl Winner Shows Up At White House In Pro-Life Garb

Harrison Butker is a two-time Super Bowl champion.

He's also a pro-life champion.

Despite knowing what could happen to him if he didn't publicly pledge his allegiance to America's liberals, Butker stuck to his beliefs and appeared at the White House on June 5 wearing pro-life merchandise.

Butker arrived at the White House for his championship visit with Joe Biden sporting a tie that read "PROTECT THE VULNERABLE" next to a gold pin of an aborted baby's feet.

Kudos for Butker for not being bullied into silence just because he is not a woman.

Abortion is not a women's rights issue, it is a human rights issue. These babies do not deserve to die, and it's not right that men shouldn't be able to say that.

Butker is trying to protect innocent lives. He is NOT trying to control women.

Women are allowed to do whatever they want, within the rules of law.

One of the things they are not allowed to do is kill people.

Why do liberals want them to have that right just because the murder victim is their own child?