New Biden Health Report Isn't Good - Change Stuns White House...

July 26, 2022

Initially, the White House was adamant that Joe Biden's COVID diagnosis wasn't a big deal.

He wasn't experiencing any symptoms and was going to be fine.

In fact, they were downplaying Joe's case so much that they refused to even say where he got it from because it "wasn't important."

They aren't really walking that claim back, they're just kind of pretending they never said it.

Now, the president's physician Dr. Kevin O'Connor is telling America that Bicycle Joe Biden is anything but symptom-free.

Breitbart said that the Dr. defined Biden has having "body aches, cough, sore throat, horse voice," and a need for an inhaler.

I'm not a Dr., but I am smarter than Tony Fauci.

Those are definitely symptoms. When the White House said they weren't any, they were lying.

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