Stunning Biden Diagnosis

 January 4, 2023

A recent poll revealed that Americans believe the economy is not going to improve in 2023.

"The vast majority of Americans predicted 2023 will deliver economic difficulty under President Joe Biden," according to a recent Gallup poll.

"Seventy-nine percent said the nation will experience difficult economic times, while only 20 percent said it will experience prosperity," reports Breitbart.

Sixty-five percent said they believe fuel prices will continue to increase and the stock market will sink more.

Fifty-three percent said unemployment will increase under President Joe Biden's non-leader leadership.

"A full 85 percent estimated 2023 will be a 'troubled year with much international discord.' Ninety percent said the same about domestic affairs," reports Breitbart.

The survey found Democrats are more optimistic than Republicans:

Party identification is the greatest demographic differentiator in predictions for 2023, with Democrats more likely than Republicans to offer positive predictions for all of the dimensions. This is a typical phenomenon whereby Americas who identify with the sitting president’s party are more positive in general in their outlook for the year ahead.

Majorities of Democrats foresee five positive developments in 2023. These include full or increasing employment (69%), a reasonable rise in prices (53%), a rising stock market (53%), an increase in U.S. power (56%) and a decrease in Russian power (79%). Democrats are least likely to predict political cooperation (13%) and a peaceful year mostly free of international disputes (21%).

Source: Breitbart