Student Stabbed 107 Times While Defending Mother From Stepfather's Attack

 August 26, 2023

"I killed somebody," the suspect told police.

He wasn't lying.

Angelina Tran, 21, is dead after being stabbed 107 times while trying to protect her mother from her out-of-control stepfather.

"This murder appeared to be the result of anger at his stepdaughter for intervening in the defendant’s attack on her mother. Angelina Tran’s intervention allowed her mother to escape and hide in a nearby bedroom, but the defendant did not stop his attack," a court filing states.

The suspect punched Tran's mother in the head about fifteen times before Tran tried to intervene.

Once Angelina got involved, the suspect "dragged his stepdaughter across the room" and attacked her with a large knife.

As Angelina Tran lay dying, the suspect went to "change clothes because of all the blood" and to "select a different knife (a meat cleaver) from the kitchen drawer" before returning to finish the job.

America has a mental illness problem. This is more sickening proof of that.