Strong Majority Of America Defines Southern Border As 'Open'

October 5, 2023

A STRONG majority of voters say that the country's southern border is wide open right now and that America's border laws are not being enforced.

The most shocking part of this poll is that the people to whom I'm referring were NOT Republican.

We're talking about swing-voting independents here.

That does NOT bode well for Democrats heading into 2024.

Of course, America's southern border is wide open, and that's been their plan all along!

An incredible 74% percent of independents know that illegal immigration to the United States is getting worse.

President Joe Biden knew this would happen when he made Vice President Kamala Harris our border czar. He never really had any intention of keeping this country safe, his intention was to allow as many illegal immigrants as possible to flood into this country AND make it easy for them to vote.

In case you were wondering why all Democrats seem to oppose requiring an American ID card to vote in American elections, this is why.

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