Actor Alec Musser's Tragic Cause Of Death Revealed

 January 17, 2024

Alec Musser, best known for his role in All My Children, has died of suicide at the age of 50.

His fiancée, Page Press, called 911 after finding Musser in the bathroom next to a gun.

Now, the cause of death has revealed that Musser perished from a self-inflicted wound.

Press has finally released a statement about the man she was planning on marrying.

"He was the best fiancé. The best dog dad. Very kind-hearted person. Seeing how many messages and people have reached out to me from his childhood. In the last couple of days, people I've never even met, sending me photos from him from high school and when he was at their wedding. He was so loved and touched by so many people," Press said.

Musser also starred in huge hits like Happy Gilmore producer Adam Sandler’s film Grown Ups and even secured an appearance in Desperate Housewives.

It is devastating to hear about Musser’s passing.

We pray for the loved ones of Musser grieving this tragic loss at this time.