Spider-Man Saves Children From Fire -- Dramatic Video

 March 28, 2023

A Brooklyn man became a hero when he rescued three children trapped in a burning building.

A building fire broke out on the top floor of the building on Hendrix Street.

Neighbor Juan DiLone was moving into his apartment when he saw smoke and heard screams coming from the top of the building.

Without hesitation, DiLone climbed up the outside of the building, helping a man save children being passed through a window.

"There was a lot of smoke coming out, but all I thought about was the kids, you know, try to save them," DiLone said.

"I ran. I climbed up to the wall to try to reach the children, so the father gave the child to me, then I take it and give it to them," DiLone added.

The ages of the children range from three months to four years. "We saved the three angels. I’m glad I was there," DiLone said.

"Firefighters eventually saved the parents and another child. Investigators are currently looking into what caused the fire," reported Breitbart.

"Thank God I was here. He put me here so I could help them, save them, you know," DiLone said.

After the incident, several civilians and one firefighter were treated at a hospital for minor injuries.