Special Counsel Jack Smith Probably Already Has Draft Of Trump Indictment

Former U.S. Attorney Harry Litman recently stopped by MSNBC. While there, he appeared on the show Deadline to give his opinion on Special Counsel Jack Smith's investigation into Donald Trump's possession of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago.

Litman thinks that liberals might just be so eager to put Donald away that Special Counsel Jack Smith probably has an indictment of Trump all typed up and ready to go at any moment.

"I think right now Smith is, well, actually, I this Smith has made all his decisions," Litman said.

So, if Smith has already made up his mind, what's the investigation still going on for?

Litman says that all that's being waited on is a few strategic decisions, such as venue. He noted:

The fact that there was this meeting yesterday only happens when everything is fine. I think there’s a draft indictment and everything. But a very important strategic decision is venue. I think that they’re pursuing something separate in the Southern District of Florida suggesting that they want to bring the main case in D.C. That has implications for just what they can charge, how they can frame things, because they need to show that the crimes either took place all there and that’s one thing for when he takes away the documents, another for when he obstructs, or at least that wasn’t overall the commission or perpetuation happened there. That will be an important strategic decision that I think has been made. I think it was made for D.C., but people will scrutinize that carefully as soon as we see the indictment.

Litman concluded by coming right out and saying that Smith's mind is definitely already made up:

I think that follows from the fact that yesterday’s meeting was a final, final appeal. Smith’s job is done, and this is their last chance to talk him out of it. Smith’s job includes the writing of a draft indictment.