Special Counsel Jack Smith has a bad history with political leaders

 June 12, 2023

Jack Smith, the special counsel tasked with investigating former President Donald Trump in his documents retention case, is known for his history of problematic prosecutions.

Smith, appointed to the position by Attorney General Merick Garland, has botched the prosecutions of several leading political leaders.

"After a stint as a war crimes prosecutor, he rejoined the Justice Department to lead the public integrity section. During his tenure, the section pressed ahead with significant, but challenging, prosecutions against prominent public figures from both political parties," Associated Press reported.

"Prosecutors scored a public corruption conviction against former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, a Republican, but the case was later overturned by the Supreme Court," AP reports. "The section also prosecuted former Democratic vice presidential nominee John Edwards, but a jury acquitted him on one count and deadlocked on others and the Justice Department declined to try him again."

Smith took on the job of deciding whether to prosecute Trump for his connection with the Capitol building riots or the retention of presidential classified documents at Mar-a-Lago, where an unprecedented raid occurred earlier this year.

Smith began his investigation from the Netherlands, where he was recovering from a bicycle injury.

"Trump was already targeted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller in connection with fraudulent claims by Democrats and journalists of 'Russia collusion.' Mueller found no evidence to substantiate their claims, and sidestepped evidence that Democrats had planted the false charges," reported Breitbart.

Meanwhile, there has been no special counsel appointed to investigate the Biden family business dealings, bribery schemes, or handling of classified documents.