Special Counsel David Weiss Was A Coworker Of Beau Biden

 August 22, 2023

David Weiss, the special counsel appointed to investigate Hunter Biden, might not be a perfectly objective third party.


Weiss spent years working with Beau Biden, the late older brother of Hunter Biden.

Most people know Beau Biden because of the way he died and the way his dad constantly lies about it. Despite Beau Biden passing away right here in America, Joe constantly tells people that Beau died in the Middle East and "came home in a coffin."

But before he died, Beau Biden was busy living.

While he was doing that, he was pretty close to David Weiss, according to the Washington Post:

As the top federal prosecutor in Wilmington, Weiss collaborated with his local equivalent: Beau Biden, who had been elected Delaware attorney general in 2006. Weiss and Beau Biden conducted joint investigations and determined which office had jurisdiction in various cases.

Tim Mullaney Sr., who served as Beau Biden’s chief of staff at the state attorney general’s office, said the office often worked with the U.S. attorney’s office during Weiss’s tenure. He didn’t believe Beau Biden and Weiss had a relationship outside of their work. 'We are always working hand-in-glove with federal government; there’s nothing unusual about that.'

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