Special Counsel David Weiss indicates Hunter case is 'ongoing'

December 9, 2023

President Joe Biden's year just went from bad to worse after it was revealed over the weekend that his son, Hunter Biden, was hit with a round of fresh federal indictments regarding his tax situation.

Just when Hunter Biden thought he was in the clear, Special Counsel David Weiss slammed him with nine new charges, and indicated that the case against him is "ongoing," Breitbart reported.

Many believe that given Weiss' statement, it could mean that future charges, in addition to the tax charges filed over the weekend.

Also at stake for President Biden is his likely upcoming Republican-led House impeachment inquiry.

Breitbart reported:

Legal experts say Hunter’s latest indictment could impact how he combats the House impeachment inquiry. House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) subpoenaed Hunter to appear before Congress the week of December 10 or be held in contempt of Congress.

Turley added in an X post,

“The immediate question is whether this leak will be used to kick over the table in Congress. Hunter was holding a bad hand with a real threat of contempt if he failed to appear for the deposition,”

Turley continued: "...After the leak, he could invoke his right to remain silent in light of the refusal to allow him to testify publicly and the second indictment. That would require a vote of immunity from Congress to force him to testify, which will not likely occur..."

He continued, "The alternatives are precarious for Hunter. If he testifies, he faces a buzzsaw deposition. If he fails to appear, he faces contempt. In that sense, the new indictment could offer an opportunity to blame others for his compelled silence."

Many critics of the president and his son initially criticized the new tax charges, saying it could be a tactic to delay the more serious charges that Hunter Biden -- and members of his family -- could face.

However, as Weiss indicated, Hunter could face additional charges that could further hamstring his father's 2024 presidential campaign.

Only time will tell.