Special counsel David Weiss facing calls to recuse himself from Hunter Biden case

 August 14, 2023

Attorney General Merrick Garland recently appointed David Weiss to serve as special counsel investigating Hunter Biden's allegedly corrupt business transactions, but that appointment has already garnered calls for Weiss' recusal.

Breitbart News politics editor Emma-Jo Morris called on Weiss to recuse himself during an appearance on Fox News Channel’s Sunday Morning Futures.

Host Maria Bartiromo asked Morris, "Do you believe that, now that we have a special counsel, will that shut down information flow to the congressional lawmakers, the House Oversight Committee, who’ve uncovered so much in terms of the Biden bank records?"

Morris responded by saying, "Yes, well, first of all, I think that it’s probably fair to say that David Weiss should recuse himself. I mean, after what we have seen with the investigation that he’s been doing over the past few years, what he’s come up with from that, and then his credibility just being destroyed in the eyes of the American people by these whistleblowers, I think that that would probably be appropriate."

Many believe that Weiss is a plant who is deliberately helping the Biden family, as evidenced by the sweetheart deal he gave to Biden that was immediately thrown out by the judge overseeing the case.

The Department of Justice has made it clear that it is working to get Hunter Biden off, and since the plea deal failed, the next best step is to have a Biden ally as the lead investigator in the ongoing probe.