Speaker Johnson hints at standalone Ukraine aid package vote, knowing his position is under threat

 April 2, 2024

House Republicans have had a dramatic year with deciding who leads the party in the lower chamber.

Earlier this year, former Speaker Kevin McCarthy was vacated from his leadership position in an historic, first-ever successful vote to oust a sitting speaker.

And it looks like it could soon happen again to current Speaker Mike Johson (R-LA).

According to The Guardian and other sources, Johnson hinted that a vote on a controversial Ukraine aid package could be imminent, which will immediately place his speakership in jeopardy.

That's because Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and others have already vowed to pursue another motion to vacate should Johnson ultimately bring the Ukraine aid package to the House floor for a vote. So far, he's stalled the efforts.

Johnson seemed to hint at his potential green light to bring the Ukraine funding package to a House vote during a recent interview on Fox News’s "Sunday Night in America with Trey Gowdy."

He spoke of "important innovations" in the staggeringly high funding package for Ukraine, going as far as saying that a vote on a standalone Ukraine aid package could come when Congress returns from recess on April 9.

"We’ve been talking to all the members especially now over the district work period. When we return after this work period, we’ll be moving a product, but it’s going to, I think, have some important innovations," Johnson said.

Johnson is also well aware that such a vote could kickstart the process that could ultimately unseat him from the speakership.

The outlet noted:

But the Louisiana Republican acknowledged forces in his party were trying to unseat him over his efforts to find a bipartisan solution to stalled US funding for Ukraine’s efforts to repel Russia’s military invasion, which began in February 2022.

Rep. Greene slammed Johnson's hint that a vote could come next week in an X post.

"Speaker Johnson is going to give Ukraine $60 billion next week and claims part of it is a “LOAN” to Ukraine. It’s absolutely ridiculous and laughable to even try to tell the American people that Ukraine will ever pay us back! Our government funds Ukraine’s government at $1 billion every single month just to keep their government running," she wrote, in part.

The coming week could bring more high drama for House Republicans at a time when leadership drama should not be the focus of the party.