South Dakota's Kristi Noem Endorses Trump

September 9, 2023

Could it be Kristi Noem?

That's the question a lot of people are asking in regard to the identity of Donald Trump's running mate in 2024.

With Noem's recent endorsement of Donald Trump, South Dakota's Republican governor certainly appears closer to being that person than she used to be.

Noem has supported Trump for a while now, and it's leading many people to think that she should be the person that the former president picks to be his running mate.

While it was definitely pleasing to the Trump campaign to get an official public endorsement from Noem, it's hard to tell exactly whom Trump is lining up for a VP pick.

This certainly doesn't hurt Kristi's chances, though, and with Trump destroying all Republican competitors, endorsing Donald was probably the logical choice.

I'd have to imagine that Trump definitely would not have forgiven Noem for endorsing any other Republican, so even if this doesn't guarantee that Noem will be our next VP, it certainly keeps her name in the running.

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