South Carolina voters explain why they are supporting Ron DeSantis over Donald Trump

 June 5, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis seems to have a lot of fans in South Carolina, and the sentiments expressed by conservative voters are forming a blueprint DeSantis could use to possibly unseat Trump and capture the nomination from him.

DeSantis is banking off of presenting himself as the superior and younger version of Donald Trump who will accomplish the same things Trump has promised and more.

That campaign seems to be resonating with many, and Fox News got on the ground to interview voters at a DeSantis rally in South Carolina on Friday.

One voter, who said her name was Sarah, told Fox News that, "I think what DeSantis has done in Florida has been amazing. And I have been a supporter of him from the beginning. I think he is a person that will back the American people and get the country back on track, as Trump did years ago. But sometimes it's time for you to have somebody new, and I think DeSantis is the one."

Another voter named Tammy said, "He represents my values. He's conservative. He's commonsense. He doesn't back down in the face of wokeness going on, especially in the schools. He's protecting kids against this radical ideology, which I'm all for. Yeah, he just represents everything that I am as a conservative."

DeSantis has been in a rut lately, but his messaging is getting through to some voters. DeSantis holds the same platform as Trump, but he has his record in Florida on which to rely, while Trump still has many questions to answer about his failure to win reelection in 2020.