South Carolina Restaurant Worker Goes Viral For Praying Over Trump

January 31, 2023

Member of the media like to paint a certain picture of Donald Trump:

He's brash, he's hateful, he's a bigot, and he can't connect with regular people.

If you have fifteen seconds to watch the below video, you'll realize that it's NOT true at all:

"Do you care if I pray for you?" a South Carolina restaurant employee asked Donald Trump.

Donald didn't have to be told twice, he reached his hand out to the employee. "No no, not at all. Yes go ahead," Trump told the employee.

"I pray Lord in the name of Jesus" she began, before asking God to help Donald in his presidential bid.

Margo Martin is the Deputy Director of Communications for Save America and Trump and realized that this was the perfect opportunity to show the world exactly what kind of person Donald Trump is: A good one.