South Carolina Attorney General Sues TikTok After Victory Against Google

November 26, 2022

South Carolina's attorney general is planning litigation against TikTok after a WIN over Google.

"We're going to be looking at them the way they've been looking at us," Attorney General Alan Wilson said.

"AG Wilson, along with 39 other attorneys general, reached a $391.5 million multi-state settlement with Google over its location tracking practices relating to Google Account settings," reported JustTheNews.

"I tell people when you're using an app or a platform, whether it's Google or TikTok, or Snapchat or Twitter — if you are receiving a free service or a free good from a big tech company, you are in fact, the goods and services that are being sold. Your data is what is being monetized," Wilson said.

"Nothing is actually free. They are monetizing your personal data," Wilson added.

"Many elected officials have expressed concern with the social media platform TikTok because it is based in China and has been credibly accused of stealing users' information," noted JustTheNews.

"A big tech company that is owned by the Chinese government is really scary," said Wilson. "I'm in the National Guard. I've gotten cyber briefings on what the capabilities of big tech are. It is terrifying. If people actually knew how much companies like TikTok — owned by the Chinese government — actually knew about you, there would be more concern."

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