South African Electricity Firm CEO Resigning

December 16, 2022

Andre de Ruyter, the chief executive officer of South Africa's state power company, Eskom, resigned on December 14.

After being targeted by saboteurs, de Ruyter has finally acknowledged that there is little good left for him to do in his position and is walking away.

Andre de Ruyter is famous for being able to turn around struggling companies and offered to help South Africa and surrounding nations develop reliable and affordable options to provide electricity to Africans.

The problem with Eksom is that it is state-owned. Most of its problems have come about because the government decides who gets contracts with Eksom, not capitalism.

This allowed South Africa's ruling party to "to use Eskom to provide jobs and contracts to its cronies, and to pursue aggressive affirmative action policies. The result was a departure of skills and resources from the company, which failed to invest in new generating capacity or technology as the country’s economy slowly grew and access was expanded to poor customers," Breitbart noted.

It wasn't his fault, but that doesn't matter now.

De Ruyter is done.