Supreme Court Hands Joe Biden Worst Case Scenario - It's The Death Of...

July 23, 2022

The Supreme Court is about to make a decision that could absolutely cripple everything the Biden administration has been trying to do at our borders:

Keep them wide open and flowing for anyone who wants to stroll on in: documented or not, legal or not, dangerous or not, old enough or not.

It's really a sick little game that they are playing with these people's LIVES.

If they attempted to immigrate via legal means, a lot more of them would be living positive and productive lives in America right now.

Instead the Democrats are doing their version of courtpacking. In the generally red southern states of America they are letting waves and waves of people in from Mexico under scrupulous circumstances.

What they are hoping for is that in return these people cast votes for liberals and flip the locations blue. Is it a stretch to say it at least helped in 2020? You decided.

That's why Dems think it is so unreasonable to require identification at the voter booth, because they know many of the people that owe them a favor don't have one.

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