Some Trump critics want Biden to pardon him to dampen his popularity

 January 24, 2024

Former President Donald Trump's 2024 presidential campaign hasn't even experienced the slightest ding in its proverbial armor, even as he faces 91 charges across four indictments.

Trump and his campaign have used the prosecutions against him in their favor, and it has proven to be one of the greatest gifts the campaign never could have expected.

That's why many of Trump's critics are making the argument that President Joe Biden should be prepared to pardon Trump, as they believe a pardon would at least kill his momentum and lessen his name in the headlines.

A PennLive editorial recently made the case, noting that Trump's popularity rises with every indictment and every negative story about him.

The liberal rag called for Biden to pardon Trump in an effort to stump his explosive polling numbers every time a new charge is announced or something related to his multiple trials makes the headlines.

"So, President Joe Biden, it is time to hold your nose and do the unthinkable: Pardon Trump," the piece read.

It added, "Beginning with Trump’s first indictment, the former president’s rising poll favorability has tracked closely with the growing number of felony indictments, jumping 20% as indictments grew to 91 state and federal charges."

"Isn’t it time to take away the one thing Trump cherishes more than anything? Isn’t it time to pardon Trump and move on from revenge politics and its victimhood narrative?" it went on.

Early on, many liberal cable news pundits and high-profile Democrats expected Trump's indictments -- two federal and two state -- to upend his 2024 election chances.

With the number of trials and procedures -- not to mention the money spent on legal fees -- one would presume that his campaign would otherwise be struggling.

But it's not. It's getting stronger, especially as more Americans wake up and realize that the American justice system has seemingly been weaponized against a political opponent of the current administration.

It's disgusting, and as badly as Washington D.C. wants it to be the case, Americans aren't stupid.

Trump's early victories in Iowa and New Hampshire -- both record-setting -- prove beyond any poll that Americans want Trump back in office. They want him so badly that numerous polls have shown that even he were to hypothetically run from a prison cell, they'd still vote for him.

Democrats still can't seem to grasp -- or admit -- that under President Joe Biden, working-class Americans are still suffering. At the end of the day, being able to afford groceries, gas, and rent is more important than political leanings, and Biden's campaign will learn that the hard way in November.