Smith Trying To Prevent Trump From Criticizing Biden

September 21, 2023

Many people are NOT fans of Special Counsel Jack Smith right now.

It's pretty clear that this bozo isn't interested in justice, he's just doing liberals' bidding for them.

These clowns don't actually care about truth and integrity like they claim. They're simply trying to keep Donald Trump tied up long enough so that he can't put forth his best effort in the 2024 election.

Many conservatives are pointing to Smith's recent attempt at placing a gag order on Trump in his election interference case as evidence that liberals are simply trying to steal the 2024 election instead of obtaining justice in the case at issue.

Greg Re, a writer for Tucker Carlson, is one of those Americans, writing:

"The trump gag order is truly insane. Headlines didn’t capture how broad it is. Biden’s DOJ wants to ban trump from even suggesting Biden is behind his prosecution. He also isn’t allowed to say that he can’t get a fair trial in an overwhelmingly dem district," he said.

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