Slate writer slams Ivanka Trump for portraying 'rose-colored' reality sans Donald

By Jen Krausz on
 February 2, 2024

Slate writer Greg Olear slammed Ivanka Trump in a piece on Wednesday for trying to create an alternative reality on her social media pages, as if her father had never been president.

Ivanka has gone back to her luxurious family life, refusing to be part of her father's second attempt to secure the presidency.

"It’s a picture. That’s all it is," he says of her posts, adding that they create a "rose-colored," "alternate reality" as if her father had never been elected.

Turns out Olear is kind of an expert in alternate realities himself. He's an obvious Trump-hater who calls him "bestial" and "loutish," and alleges he "sold himself to the Russian mob," an allegation which was thoroughly debunked.

The bottom line is that he thinks Ivanka should have done something to stop her father from running again, and he faults her for not doing so.

I guess if this is the worst criticism the left has against Ivanka, then who really cares?